Copy of YouTube MVP

Liza channels the energy of Source consciousness that she lovingly refers to as The MVP (MultiVerse Posse). The MVP is a frequency of energy that Liza places her consciousness at. Through this placement of her consciousness she is able to access the Universal Wisdom that this loving energy offers. The MVP shares a message of self love as a means to wholeness and knowing yourself as Source energy. They recognize it is your understanding of the nature of reality and your ability to master self love, that allows most of you to find this place of Source love within. Together they share a frequency of love that will, like a tuning fork, open you up to that resonance within yourself.

Learning about the nature of our reality and the role self love plays in our ability to create the life we desire, are the two topics Liza focuses on in her work with the MVP (click here to learn more about LJW & the MVP). Are you wondering what connection to your higher guidance sounds like? It sounds just like you, well Liza in this case. Here is a short audio where Liza brings through the Universal Wisdom that the MVP offers. Enjoy the energy and the shift that will follow.