Meditation isn’t really that bad…

Meditation isn’t really that bad…

Meditation. This simple word makes people freak out. As soon as I mention it I hear 50 different reasons why people can’t do it.  I know what a wonderful, beautiful thing meditation is. How much it helps inside my head and out in the real world. So when people are opposed to it I just can’t understand. So that got me thinking, what is it really that freaks people out  and I came up with a few things.

  1. Most of us are afraid to be with ourselves in that quiet space. Our egos are so loud with their constant chatter. When we are alone with our ego we don’t trust that we can push that voice aside and not believe what it is saying to us. This case calls for extreme gentleness with yourself. Be patient with yourself. Instead of going into a full meditation, just sit for 5 min and hear your ego, every time it says something crappy practice counteracting with something positive. Forgive yourself for anything you are holding against yourself that your ego might be throwing in your face. Your ego is fearful and doesn’t want you to detach from it. It wants to keep you down and prevent you from reaching up, high into the ether, where you can connect to the oneness of the universe and experience all love. So sometimes the first step in meditation is confronting your ego and getting to a point where you can counter it with a positive thought, instead of having to stop the entire meditation, or not even start at all.
  2. The most common one I hear is “I just can’t keep all the thoughts out of my head”. Well you aren’t supposed to. That is totally unrealistic, unless you are a Zen monk living in a monastery, then you might have a glimmer of hope at doing that. Meditation is the space between thoughts. And the goal of practice (we will discuss practice next) is to make that space between thoughts more frequent. Like stretching gum when you were a kid. You had to start with an inch. But if you practiced it, you could get a foot or more. Gross and sticky analogy I agree, but you get what I’m saying……
  3. PRACTICE!!!!! It’s just that. Start with 2 minutes, when you think you can, add 30 seconds. Over time you will build up and before you know it, BOOM, you have a 20 minute meditation practice 3 times a week. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither where any of the other things you do that you are so good at.
  4. And the runner up for most common thing I hear “I just can’t meditate”. What? Hello? Excuse me? Do you daydream? I thought so. Then you can meditate. The problem here is usually that people sit down with no plan, no expectation, no idea of what the hell is going on or what they are doing. Does that sound like a recipe for success? Ya, I didn’t think so. You need to have an expectation of what you hope to achieve, a schedule, and an idea of what type of meditation you want to do. I can hear you now “What? There is different types of meditations?” Yes. Variety is the spice of life. Different cars need different tires, right? There are many ways to the same place.

Stay tuned my friends. There will be a blog coming up about the different types of meditation available to you and how to find the right tires for yourself.

Best wishes for a beautiful day!!

Originally posted on May 10, 2015 at 9:35AM

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