Channeling – My experience and the book Opening to Channel


Channeling – My experience

I guess this is my version of a book review. Sort of. It’s my experience with channeling and the book Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.

I have always been drawn to channeling. And even when I do mediumship readings, I very easily can shift into trance. It isn’t as scary or dangerous as I’ve always been led to believe. (When you believe that all is outside of you then yes, it is scary. When you understand that everything is a part of you then it is not. That is another article.)

I first consciously connected to my guides about four years ago when I studied with a mentor, Amy, to learn about and hone my psychic and mediumship abilities. Once I connected, I realized that I had been feeling their energy my whole life. Also, that they had been guiding me just as long. I started to remember how they had been with me as a child always. I firmly believe it is this connection that allowed me to “forget” or not experience the negative aspects of my childhood. (And there were some doozies.) My mother always told me stories about how she couldn’t ever punish me, because once I was in the corner (who knew time out was that old?!) I’d start laughing and carrying on. She knew I was connecting with someone and she just let it be. Really, how can you ground me from my “invisible friends”, my constant companions?

Almost 2 of the last four years have been a struggle for me. I lost both my parents in their early 60’s, 2 uncles, my favorite great aunt and Geoff’s beloved dog Vespa. I understand stand that death is only a transition, but come on! Through this time, I have struggled to maintain my connection with my guides. After my training with Amy, I was in daily contact with my main guides and always meeting new guides and talking to other people’s guides. I loved it. It fed my soul and my life was flowing and moving forward. Then my mother passed I felt like a house got dropped on me and I couldn’t get out from under. My guides stepped back (and even if they hadn’t I probably wouldn’t have listened). But they still guided me, they still were there for me every step of the way, waiting in the wings for me to grieve and open back up.

Guides communicate with us in so many ways. Music, lyrics, memories, feelings, over hearing parts of conversations, placing a book in our path and so many more. They use these ways to also confirm information that we “know”. Most frequently our guides will connect with us in our dreams. This is how most of my time was spent with my guides during the past 2 years. During this time, they will communicate information to us. We then have this nagging feeling we should consider something, and boom! that topic comes up 3 or 4 different times in different ways. The book Opening to Channel is a perfect example of that. It is the book that allowed me to not only open back up to my channeling experiences but take them to a new level.

Back story – About 4 ½ years ago, I took a one-day workshop with a local medium, Jennifer Farmer. She recommended a book, Personal Power through Awareness by Sanaya Roman. I ordered it on my Kindle and read the first chapter, nothing more. (Apparently, I wasn’t ready for personal power or awareness.) At some time around that point my friend Kym read and showed me the Opening to Channel book (I never put it together that it was the same author). I started studying with Amy and was opened to the world of connecting with my guides. I also studied with a woman named Sandy Anastasi who opened me up to the process of channeling. Two years ago, I studied with Lisa Williams and she channeled her guides in trance with transfiguration, the most amazing thing I think I’ve seen thus far in my life. Fast forward to 2 months ago. I’m preparing a class for connecting with your spirit guides. I go onto Amazon for a book to use as a resource. I felt like I needed something more (I know you are thinking, more? you just studied with a multitude of people and books). Up pops this book, Opening to Channel. I thought “Perfect!” and I then I thought “Hey that’s the same author as the book I’m reading now.” (Oh ya, I had that nudge to start reading Personal Power through awareness again.)

I ordered it, it came, I read it in 3 days. I had my first real experience of channeling a group of guides. Like they used my voice to convey their messages. (Mind blown on my end.) I recorded it and shared it with a friend, he shared it with a friend and on down the line. It was a mere 12 minutes, but there was a message in there that they connected to and that made my heart sing. (I won’t share it here, because the quality isn’t very good. I sat for regular meditation and heard to record on my phone.) This experience happened about two weeks ago. I have not sat and channeled them again yet, but they have been with me constantly, there for me to access and guide me. That day was the first day in the last two years that I did not feel like I was swimming up river, that I did not feel overwhelmed, that my heart did not feel broken. Yes, time helped me heal some. But it was the connection to unity consciousness and all the energies within it that lifted my soul back up. I feel like myself again. And I credit this with my acceptance of this beautiful relationship I have with all the energy of the Universe.

Our life is a journey, sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down. The idea is to find the vibration that lifts us up and live in that space more often. Channeling is a tool to do this.

I did mention a book review, didn’t I?

I’ve read many books and studied with many teachers. I have learned something from all of them. Where this book differs is that it brings all that information together in a concise and clear manner. Connection is available to all and this book helps the novice to the seasoned veteran have access to that connection. The exercises are well thought out and easy to follow. And all of it is supported with beautiful channeled messages and experiences from not only the authors, but participants from the classes.

I will be teaching this sometime in the future. I hope if you don’t join me in class you have this experience at home.

As always, thank you.

Namaste dudes and dudettes.

Originally posted on July 27, 2017 at 11:30 AM

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