EMPATHS – Let the energy flow through you

Energy is everything. As empaths we can tap into the energy of everything around us – people, places, animals, things, weather, etc. – everything. Since we are not born with a user manual on how to operate these amazing physical bodies we inhabit, we often learn through trial and error. Usually lots of error that leads us to a misperception of why we inhabit these super bodies.

Humankind has been trapped in an illusion for quite some time about why we are here on earth. And this far reaching illusion has really done some damage to the way empaths understand themselves. What is the illusion you ask? We have forgotten that we are divine beings of light energy, that have incarnated on earth to enjoy all that the physical has to offer. But over time we have gotten stuck in the physical and have forgotten our true nature. We have been taught that we are selfish if we do what is in our best interest. Somehow being malicious and caring about oneself has become intertwined. Everyone is selfish at heart, otherwise they would not survive. The word itself when broken down simply means the nature of self. This word was coined in the 1600’s to complement the Presbyterian religion. Its origin was meant to disconnect us from ourselves, from knowing our true divinity. It is about time we started relating to this word in it’s true sense – the innate knowing to take care of ourselves first. For our life is really the only one that matters. If we are not here how can we be of service to anyone, how can we enjoy life, how can we raise our vibration to enliven others. If we are not living to our fullest capacity how does that serve anyone?

As empaths we need to learn it is not our responsibility to suffer someone else’s journey. And it is not selfish to take care of ourselves first. It is our birthright to live in joy and move in the direction of our happiness. And all our experiences as empaths are telling us that. We are just misinterpreting them. The true reason we can connect with all energies is because it gives a richer experience of this physical life. It’s like going from black and white tv to a virtual reality experience. Example – Empaths love nature! Because this is an all-inclusive experience. We don’t just walk on the nature trail or the beach, we become one with the nature trail and the beach, with all the elements with all the wildlife. The colors are richer, the sounds clearer, the feeling more intense. And we let this energy flow through us. It feels so good, but we let it flow through us. We need to let all energy flow through us in this way. But when it comes to experiences associated with people, we do not let the energy flow through us. We hang onto it. Because we have been told that we are selfish if we don’t jump in the sinking boat and go down. We have been led to believe that it is our responsibility to take on everyone else’s crap. Our only responsibility is to vibrate at the highest level of love we can. For it is only when we vibrate here that we are truly helping people. Jumping into their mess with them, taking on their pain, these are only temporary band aids. But show people how to love themselves, how to vibrate at the highest level, how to connect with their soul, how to live their divinity. Now that is a game changer!

We need to let the emotions of others flow through us as well. We can tap into all emotions, but for some reason we focus on only the suffering ones. I rarely hear an empath say “Man! I went to the mall at Christmas and soaked up all the joy and laughter.” No, we have trained ourselves to pick up on the sadness and despair. The only way to break this cycle it to start living your own joy. Become that radiating beam of love, that lifts people out of their pain, because they are drawn to your joy. Not the dumping grounds we’ve let ourselves become. People dump on us because we have trained them to. So many empaths, unknowingly, have hung out an open sign that says, “In pain, let me take it for you.” We need to close that shop. And open the super sparkly, love shop. We can help others by simply sending love. And as empaths, we can send some love. When we put our focus on the positive we can send out an energetic tsunami of love and compassion, without taking a single drop of suffering in.

It is up to us to start letting the energy flow through us and from us, not into us never to be let go. We need to accept the beauty of your gifts and start living accordingly. Only you can make this world what you want to experience.

Please join me in my endeavor to shift the human experience of empaths to one of joy and amazing experiences. Start with yourself.

Remember, it’s your world, ROCK IT OUT!

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