Chakras as a Tool for Energy Awareness

Chakras are our psychic energy centers. They are how we send and receive energetic information. And when we are aware of and understand them, they can completely change how we relate to the world as energy sensitive beings.

First we must understand that we are all energy. And energy is information. Energy vibrates at different frequencies and depending on the frequency, the information is different. Peace and love vibrate at the highest frequencies, while guilt and shame are at the lowest.

Take a moment to experience this. Feel peace and love in your whole being. Really feel it in every part of your mind, body and soul. This is what you are giving out to others, this is the information you are sending out via your energy. Whether or not others are aware of it, they are receiving this from you. This is how the concept of a guru works. Think about a time when you were in this frequency and people basked in your energy or when you were basking in someone else’s energy who was vibrating here. This is why we gravitate to animals and children, they are vibrating here.

Now conversely, think about guilt and shame, and a time when you felt these. Again, feel it in your whole being. (Yucky I know.) And again, think of a time when you could feel this in another. And when you have felt this in another. Think of how you’ve tried to avoid people in this frequency, or worse yet, if you are an empath, you probably stepped up and tried to take it all from them. Hopefully realizing, this energy is never ending unti the vibe has shifted. And think about how this energy was seeping into others energy fields, because we are often so unaware of our own energy and others. Explains a lot, huh?

The chakras are intentions that help us focus. They are specific points where energy is more active, going into and out of our physical and spiritual bodies. (Focal points) They are associated with a specific meaning, color, crystal, sound, etc. that helps us set an intention or clarify an intention for us.

Let me explain using the Root Chakra as an example.

The Root Chakra is associated with the color red and is located at the base of our spine in our genital area. This gives us two points of focus, color and location. We can connect easily through the color and start to feel the energy in the location. Already this broadens our experience of the energy, both physically and etherically. Next we associate this chakra with the mantra of I am. I am relates to our ability to feel safe in our physical body and in this world, this sets our intention for what we experience, what we want to create and what energy vibration we want to put out. A person who feels safe an secure in the world, not only puts out a higher vibration, but also is prepared to start the journey of ascension. Moving through their physical experience and into their spiritual being, integrating the two and living fully on earth. A person who does not feel safe and secure in the world, sends that vibration out, creating more of what they don’t want, limiting their experience of this life and hampering their soul. No bueno.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Understanding and using our chakras allows us to honor both of these aspects of ourselves. Our chakras provide us with a consistent point of interaction with what we are creating and putting out in the world. And the best part is you can go up and down. It is never stationary. The chakras honor the flow of life force energy that surges through us. As each new experience comes we have a chakra, an energy point, to connect with and work with. For every experience, good or bad, is why we are here. They provide us with the opportunity to fine tune our being and reconnect with our innate Source energy. We come from perfection. We come to earth to experience everything else. Experience, not get trapped in. This is why we are constantly reminded of our innate divinity, to nudge us along into the experience.

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