Feel like something is missing?

Do you ever feel like something is missing? Like no matter what you’ve done, accomplished, released, read, embraced, manifested, that something is just missing. It’s that little feeling inside that keeps you looking for more. That keeps you feeling incomplete. It’s like you just can’t put your finger on it.

I have been there. It eluded me for years. I knew there was something more, something that I was just missing. It was right there, though, on the tip of my tongue, but I just couldn’t get to it. Through all the different stages of my life, I tried different things. I have always, consistently been an avid reader. I was always thinking to myself, it’s going to be in this book. And, yes, I’d be a step closer, but I still didn’t have it, know it, recognize it. I took so many development classes (spiritual, psychic & self) to no avail. Yes I was always closer, but still didn’t have it.

Then one day I sat down for meditation. This wasn’t a regular meditation. I sat down to specifically have a dialogue with my guides. And I have to say, I would have never made it that far without all the knowledge I gained from all the amazing teachers I had, in books and in person.

So here I am, sitting quietly, connecting with my guides, building my relationship with them, loving the moment. And BOOM! there it was! The missing piece. What? Really? It can’t be. But it is.

Ok, let me rewind. I had been taught to sit and build my communication with my guides, not only to enhance my intuition but also my communication skills in mediumship. During this time, I learned to converse with them and started asking all kinds of questions. Through this process, I started connecting with my higher self. As I was connecting with my higher self and communicating with my guides, in the meditation I was telling you about, they had me connect with a specific situation that brought me pure joy. That alone was beautiful and amazing in and of itself. But then….. they had me become that feeling and following it back to it’s source, which was Source. That was my first conscious connection to Pure Source Energy. WOW!!!! I just wanted to stay there. I had heard other people talk about this before, in some pretty amazing and descriptive ways. But to have my own personal experience was something different all together.

This was such a wonderful feeling, a beautiful experience. And at that moment I realized not only what was missing, but that I’d been searching for it outside of myself, when all along it was within me.

What was missing? My connection was missing. My connection to my true self, my true essence, that divine spark of Source energy within me. I was looking for my light outside of myself. I just needed to be immersed in it for a moment though to recognize it and to trust that it was within me. It is within all of us. We see it everyday in other people and turn a blind eye to our own divine essence. Why? For most of us we don’t believe that we deserve it, that we are worthy. But WE are! WE are all from the same divine, loving, joyful Source energy. What is within you is within me and vice versa.

So if you are like I once was, and you have been searching for that something that is missing, that you just can’t put your finger on, look no further. It is within you, it is within all of us. It is our connection to Source, to our true state of being.

I invite you to complement your external journey with an internal journey. WE are all spiritual beings having a physical experience. And it is our greatest gift to understand how to integrate the two. How to enjoy all the amazingness that the physical offers (that’s why we came here) while staying connected to our Soul, our true essence, the Source within.

It was only when I truly understood this, that I was able to begin to step into the spiritual teacher I am today. Every book I read, every teacher I had, was a mirror of myself, reflecting back to me, the Source within. But I didn’t trust what I was seeing in the mirror to be true for me, until I had my own experience. Now I see my light, and I choose to shine it as bright as I can, so that others may see theirs.

We all come into our own reflection in our own time. I’m waiting to welcome you home, back into your natural state of being, into your Source connection.

You too can balance your energy

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