Empathy + Emotions = Understanding

Emotions are energy in motion.
Feelings are how we translate this energy.
Empathy literally means in feeling.
So wouldn’t it make sense that our empathy is our internal way to understand our own emotions and feelings within oursleves?
This is our way to understand how we are relating to the world and those in it. Not how other people are relating.
It is our choice what we choose to feel within ourselves. Our emotions guide us toward what makes us feel good and what doesn’t.
Your empathy is for you. It is to guide you. It is not to take on other peoples emotions or experiences. For too long we have been led to believe that our empathy is for understanding and helping others. It can be used for this, but not until we understand and help ourselves. And too many empaths have not allowed themselves to do this important part.

The key to living as a healthy and empowered empath is to understand this. You can use your empathy to emotionally touch on someone and give you an idea of where they are. You can use your empathy to let yourself know if this is a person you want to engage with or not. There are many ways to utilize your empathy that do not involve you taking on everyone’s emotions. But you must have energetic boundaries and a desire to put yourself first. We do this through marinating in our own energy. Through mastering our own energy.
I can hear you now, because I used to think the same thing… but what am I supposed to do? They are suffering and I feel it so strongly? I want to help them. You can have compassion for others and help them much better then if you take on the emotional burdens of their situation. We do not have to witness peoples experiences for them to exist and in the same vein their experience isn’t lessened because we take on part of their suffering or we didn’t witness it with them. Taking on others emotions does not serve us and it does not serve them. If you really believe you alone can releive someone’s situation by taking their emotions away, you have put a huge weight on your shoulders you will never be able to carry. You are also not seeing that person as someone who also has powerful Source energy coursing through them, you are seeing them less than, as unable to take care of themselves. You are seeing them as powerless. And that doesn’t lift anyone up.
And what about putting ourselves first? Isn’t that selfish? Is it selfish to sustain your own life? No. You came here to thrive not just survive. You are able to help more people and be more productive and most importantly be more happy when you allow yourself to thrive. We must understand that when we put ourselves first we are not taking away from anyone else. We need to release this judgment of give and take. If we give ourselves something we are not taking away from anyone else. When you give your body breath are you depriving someone else? No. And you realize how silly that sounds. The abundance of Source energy is all around us. And we see it first in the air we breath. We see it secondly in nature. Nature does not judge it just thrives. When one tree falls down and goes back into the earth 5 more grow in its place thanks to the nourishment it’s provided by going back into the earth. For too long we have been trained to look at what we don’t have and not the abundance that surrounds us. We assume if someone is not living to our standards that they must be suffering. I personal have experienced many joyous people who have just enough food to sustain their life but find great joy in their daily existence.
Many of us have unintentionally combined our empathy with our judgments of how things should be. What do I mean by this? We connect in with an emotion and then translate that into our idea of what their experience must be. We feel that someone is sad and then we switch over to our logical mind and create our version of their situation. Usually this is much worse, because we have chosen to see them as powerless. And we have decided they have no control over how they live their life. And now we have taken this in as our own. We have tapped into but one of their many emotions. This is why other peoples emotions are not our business. We are only getting a glimpse of their experience and only from our own perspective. Even as empaths we can never truly walk in another’s shoes. For we can only ever have one experience, our own. This is why I know 100% our empathy is for us to connect deeper to our own emotions and to connect with the high vibrations of joy and Love that constantly surround us. I promise you, there is much more joy and Love on the planet than there isn’t. We just have to learn to tune ourselves to it. And we do this, by mastering our energy and marinating in it.
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