Reality is in the eye of the perceiver

WE have all heard the phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. And this is so true. We each have our own experience and our own ideas of what we see as beautiful.

I’d like to take that a step further. “Reality is in the eye of the perceiver.”

We are pure consciousness. No matter which way you dice it, we are. This means that our experience of everything is through the lens of our own personal consciousness. Our experience is ours and only ours. No one can ever walk in our shoes and we can’t walk in anyone else’s. Knowing this, really knowing it in your being, is so freeing.

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The power of your empathy

If you are an empath, you are well aware of your ability, to not just often feel the emotions of others, but you may also see, hear and know things associated with those emotions and feelings. And unless you were fortunate enough to come to this earth with a guidebook on how to work with those amazing gifts, you have probably been fumbling along, learning through trial and error. Because you have been learning from others who also learned from trial and error and so on and so on  You have been probably been made aware of more of the short comings of being an empath and not so much of the power of being an empath. And if you are lucky enough to have recognized or been taught the power, it still has probably come attached with a reminder of the short comings.

Well I am here to tell you, you no longer have to hang on to those short comings and negative side effect as a way to navigate your empathic journey. Our journey, our gifts, are about our connection to Source and all that happens as a domino effect of that. When we start, as we have been taught, from a place of needing to be protected, of not being able to control the people/energy around us and all the other stuff that puts the power outside of ourselves, we are setting ourselves up for failure.

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Your truth is your truth

Your truth is your truth, and someone else’s is theirs. There is no absolute right or wrong. But we often can’t see this because we get stuck in one point in time, one version of reality. We are pure Source energy and every moment is new and different. Always expanding always changing. When we connect with our innate Source energy, we allow ourselves to shift and expand our consciousness, giving us a broader perspective.
What is Source? It is pure energy. That from which we come, all that is. It is ever expanding and never ending. It is pure consciousness. WE as humans are this consciousness focused in a place and time. That is why being aware of our consciousness and expanding it is so important. It allows us to connect with ourselves as pure Source energy and let go of the illusion that we are this one point in time. When we go within, we become aware of the infinite possibilities of what we are and let go of who we think we are. This can sound scary at first, but the truth is it frees you up to be the best version of you possible. It allows you the pure freedom of knowing.
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Are you using your empathy as the gift it is?

Whether you are an empath, a highly sensitive person or a just a little sensitive, you are connecting to others through your empathy.
This means that you very easily understand, know and experience what others understand, know and experience. This can be beautiful and overwhelming. And most likely you have never been taught how to manage what you are receiving as you connect with your empathy. Because of this you may have even tried to turn off your empathy at times, only to realize that is even worse. Connecting with your emotions is paramount to your survival. Empathy is not a choice, it is part of your make up and an amazing part at that. It is true that we can be over stimulated and react at a much stronger level than others, but this is only the case when we are unaware of our empathy as the gift it is.

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Are you a lightworker?

Lightworker. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you’ve probably heard this term. Maybe you have an understanding and maybe you don’t. I’d like to give you one, because if you are reading this, then you are a lightworker.

A lightworker is simply someone who has awakened to their light within, their divinity. And they are choosing to live from that space and radiate that light out, like a beacon, for others to see, so that they may awaken themselves.  A lightworker isn’t fighting against anything, they are allowing love and light to pour into them, through them and out of them.
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What is Source?

I am often asked by people, what exactly I mean when I say Source.

The first thing I notice isn’t the actual question they are asking, but their hesitation about what I may say. I find people, like I have done in the past, are curious if what I am going to say is the same thing they are thinking. They think “What if our beliefs don’t match up?” or “What if I don’t agree?” and some people even stop to realize, they don’t really know what Source means to them. I think this is a direct reflection of spirituality and religion being lumped together. They are two different things. And recognizing that is freeing for many people.

I find people are often pleasantly surprised with my answer. The short answer is, Source is pure love, all that is, the pure energy we came from before we incarnated. Knowing that is the true essence, Source can show up to you in any way that you like.

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You decide who you are, you hold the power.

I came across a book on Amazon on empathy. And I was actually looking up a book on essential oils and emotions. So I thought odd, but…
Of course I looked at it and the table of contents.
And my heart went out to this guy.
He just didn’t know any better. He was advocating that if you could know what type of empath you were you could manage the symptoms of suffering that other people caused you.
Wow! That other people cause you. Wow! Basically you are powerless.
But this is how empaths have been trained. That the power is outside of them. That suffering is a consequence of their gift. You have to take the good with the bad.
Not so! Not freaking so!
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Empathy + Emotions = Understanding

Emotions are energy in motion.
Feelings are how we translate this energy.
Empathy literally means in feeling.
So wouldn’t it make sense that our empathy is our internal way to understand our own emotions and feelings within oursleves?
This is our way to understand how we are relating to the world and those in it. Not how other people are relating.
It is our choice what we choose to feel within ourselves. Our emotions guide us toward what makes us feel good and what doesn’t.
Your empathy is for you. It is to guide you. It is not to take on other peoples emotions or experiences. For too long we have been led to believe that our empathy is for understanding and helping others. It can be used for this, but not until we understand and help ourselves. And too many empaths have not allowed themselves to do this important part.

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What is the ego’s role?

We so often think of the ego as a bad thing. And we spend a lot of time deciding what level of ego is ok. The truth is it’s all ok. It’s only our sense of self that makes us think someones ego is too big or too small.

Let me elaborate. The ego is simply another tool we have to translate energy. The ego is simply our sense of self, our sense of identity, our sense of self-esteem, self-importance. That last one, self-importance, usually hits a cord. But you are important, why shouldn’t you think so?  We often confuse ego-mania with the ego. We use these two words interchangeably, and therefore the ego has gotten a bad rap. Like anything balance is needed.

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Allowing the Energy Shifts to Flow Through You

There are more and more energy shifts happening. They are coming more frequently and more intensely. As a response to this topic coming up , in the form of people having physical and emotional reactions and not understanding, Source has given me this.

As we start to raise our frequency and align with a higher vibration we start to connect with the non-physical more and that is when we start to have our multi-senses open up. This is what we refer to as our “gifts”. They are not gifts, they are who we are. We all have second sight, second hearing and more evolved senses of feeling. We just all have it turned to different levels. We do not use the term gifts because this is who you are, it is your true nature to be able to tap into all that is, because you are all that is.

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