Intuitive Coaching w/ the MVP

Why intuitive coaching?

Have you lived and acted from a place of pure inspiration, only to find yourself unable to access it when you need it the most?

Are you aware that your biggest successes, deepest connections and most rewarding memories, came from a place deep within you? Below the surface, beyond the intellect.

Are you aware of your emotions as a powerful tool to connect with your soul and the infinite wisdom contained there, but can’t seem to connect consistently?

What does intuitive coaching offer?

Intuitive coaching taps into this deeper level, this higher guidance and allows you to get back to a place of unlimited perception so that you may move forward. It accesses the broader part of you, so you can shift your perception and allow your own divine wisdom to flow freely and guide you to the most high inspirations.

Intuitive coaching offers energetic shifts that release limiting beliefs, allowing you to gain clarity and a new understanding that shifts your perception of your current situation. These shifts allow you to connect with your highest good, allowing you to move forward as the best version of yourself.

In a single session intuitive coaching session,

I will connect to my higher guidance, the MVP, as well as your own Source connection, to assist you in identifying and releasing energetic patterns that are clouding your perception and holding you back.  This will allow you to shift your energy & release limiting beliefs, allowing you to move forward and create a new physical experience to match that of your spiritual knowing. Thus creating more of those inspired moments that got you your biggest successes, deepest connections and most rewarding memories.

All single coaching sessions are done via Zoom video conference and are 60 minutes. (You will receive a complimentary copy of the recording.) 

In a 3 session intuitive coaching package,

We expand upon what can be achieved in a single session, and together through our joint Source connection, we will receive the most personalized guidance for your earthly journey. This will be specific to each client and will release limiting beliefs, raise vibrations, connect you to your Soul and Source. WE will literally go in and shift the energy, together, so you play an integral part in your souls expression, which inspires your daily existence.

In this series of 3 sessions you will receive the added benefit of:

  • Gaining clarity on how to expand your consciousness to have a better understanding and clearer awareness of what lies within you as well as outside of you.
  • Benefit from a feeling of empowerment through this new connection that gives you self-trust to direct your own journey.
  • Have a better understanding of your personal reality, what your role is in it and how to create the best reality for yourself
  • Move forward in life with a better understanding of how to merge your new connection and expanded consciousness with your earthly experience.

All 3 session packages are done via Zoom video conference and are 60 minutes each session, to be done over a period of 45 days. (You will receive a complimentary copy of the recording.) 

To book your session today, please contact me at  [email protected] or 727.851.5492.

Who are the MVP?

My connection to Source/Universe/Infinite Intelligence, that I affectionately call The MVP ( The Multi-Verse Posse). They also like this acronym as it reminds you that you are the Most Valuable Player.  I have been working with this group for a many years, matching my vibration to theirs, and we are now one. We use this deep connection of love to bring you clarity from Infinite Intelligence. 



Would you like to expand your connection & understanding your soul’s purpose?

Do you know that your emotions and intuition are a strong connection to something more, but just can’t seem to make that connection complete? 

Are you ready to step into the power of your intuition and your role as a divine expression of Source? And use this divinely guided connection to start consciously creating the life of your dreams here on earth? 

Are you ready to take your life to the next level? Get the promotion you’ve wanted, start your own business, live life from an effortless flow, have peace and harmony, have enough money to shop, live free and donate? 

Would you like to be able to merge these natural spiritual gifts into your every day experience, enhancing your life and those you come in contact with?

Then send me an email at [email protected], we can talk about getting you into my 9 week online course, Source Connected Souls, where you will receive personalized and group coaching to take you to the next level, the Source connected level. 

Remember, you came here to shine, so let’s light this world up!