Headshot Canva
Hi, we are LIza Jane Wolf and the MVP.

Like you I am a multidimensional, multiversal being. I believe we are all here to create our own awesome adventure. We are here to experience. I believe we are all aspects of the Divine, and therefore everything is available to us. We are the physical manifestation of the Divine, here to experience life on this planet. To me the Divine is abundant love and pure beauty. Which, you guessed it, means WE are all abundant love and pure beauty. This belief is where I navigate my life from.

I have know since I was little that everyone is living their own experience, their own reality. I have also known that something more than just what we could see was guiding us, whether we knew it or not. Back then I did not have the words to explain it. But now I do, thanks to the¬†journey of discovery I’ve been on. Discovering how to access all that is available to us, how to communicate what I know and how to help people see this for themselves.
Along my journey of discovery I have had many teachers. All amazing in their own right, all opening up a door for me. I have discovered many modalities of learning and healing. Meditation, Reiki, Psychic Development. You name it. It has all played a role in getting me to where I am. Every teacher and experience has empowered me to believe in me more, to listen to me more, to trust me more. They have all helped me see that I am in charge of my experience, and only I know my true path. As only you know your path.
And my biggest teacher of all, Source energy, whom I call the MVP. The MVP stands for Multi-Verse Posse, a name I gave them, because all my life I have seen and felt this Source energy as many different incarnations. They like the name because it reminds you that you are the Most Valuable Player. Yes, YOU! No one is as important as you. And your well being on this physical journey is of utmost importance to them.
The best part, is everyone has a connection to Source energy. You’ve felt it many times before, and my hope is you will learn to feel it many times more, consistently and concisely.

In a nutshell, my life has been a wild ride of awesome experiences. I know now that the reality of my life is the one I create. All the work I do serves me and feeds my soul. As I teach and guide others I learn and am guided. I am grateful to be able to be of selfish service to the universe. Thank you for taking this journey with me.

Namaste dudes and dudettes!

REMEMBER – You came here to shine, so let’s light this world up!