Are you holding back the guidance you’ve received out of fear of disappointing people?

We are all born still connected to our higher guidance. And most of us choose to forget this connection so we can get the full experience out of life, even thought it is always there with us.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Many of us are stuck in limbo, not knowing how to merge the two and live in a place of wholeness. This is what we refer to as our spiritual journey, awakening, ascension. We have become aware of our spiritual selves, but don’t know just what to do with that awareness.
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How doubting your guidance can have a negative impact on your life?

We’ve all been there. You get that feeling in your stomach, that knowing, the ringing in your ear. Whatever way spirit taps you to let you know, “Hey pay attention!”, we’ve all been there, we’ve all doubted it.

In the moment, it doesn’t always seem like that big of a deal. Yes, you knew what you should’ve done and for whatever reason, you talked yourself out of believing that you were receiving. And you did the forehead slap later on and said to yourself “I knew that! Why didn’t I listen?!”

What’s the harm in doubting our guidance?

  • We reinforce limiting beliefs
  • We hold ourselves back from living our purpose
  • We limit our ability to help ourselves, let alone anyone else
  • We muddy our connection to Source
  • We are holding ourselves in a low vibration
  • We put ourselves in bad situations
  • We limit ourselves from trusting

Why do we doubt our guidance?

  • We are letting other peoples opinions hold us back
  • We let limiting old family beliefs take over our mind
  • We don’t have a solid connection, so we don’t feel confident
  • We don’t think we are worthy to be receiving it in the first place
  • We haven’t learned to manage our energy and don’t receive the guidance clearly

How do you get past the doubt?

Well first, commit to a daily practice of connecting. For many, that may look like practicing breathing throughout the day.

I love the Five! Five deep breaths Five times a day. This does multiple things for you:

  • It creates a habit of connecting throughout the day, this is how it becomes second nature
  • It gives you multiple opportunities to refocus your attention and energy during the day
  • You are relaxed, at least 5 times a day, this benefits your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health
  • It gives you permission to pay attention to you!

Once you’ve shown yourself that the world won’t end if you give yourself a few moments, you can really dig in and create a more personal daily practice. For tips on how to do that, check out my free e-guided, Connecting to Your Higher Consciousness. You will find everything you need to not only set up a daily practice, but sustain a daily practice.

We came here to live life to our fullest and shine our lights. To shine the brightest we need to be plugged into Source. We can’t do that if we don’t give ourselves at least a little time every day.




Is fear holding you back?

All too often we let the fear of who we may become or the fear of how others might react or feel about who we become to hold us back. We allow it to hold us back in our physical and spiritual journeys.

I just spoke to a woman today who was taking dance classes and was afraid to really go for it and fully express herself, because she was afraid that the others who might not be as good would feel inadequate. This is a common experience for empaths. How often have you done something similar?
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How your empathy can help you love your career again

So often career oriented empaths, who find value in succeeding in their chosen field, hit the wall at work. You wake up one day and realize, your performance record has declined, you haven’t had an amazing review in years, you have to triple check your work and even worse, you are always passed over for promotions. No wonder you feel resentful and like you can’t keep up at work. And no matter what your career choice, it usually looks something like this.

You finish college, which was most likely easier for you, you get into the company of your choice, and you start excelling. Almost immediately moving through the ranks with ease. You recognize that life, although it has it’s bumps, seems to unfold fairly easy for you. And you have a feeling, more than a feeling a knowing, that it is connected to your sixth sense, your gut feeling, those little flurries of feelings that has always guided you through life. You may not recognize it as your empathy yet, but you know that your gut instinct has always led you in the right direction, and when you are in tune with it, man do things happen. Continue reading “How your empathy can help you love your career again”

Are you happy with your weight?

I know what you are thinking. That doesn’t sound like a very spiritual topic. But it is. How so? Well, to me spirituality means being happy and at peace with yourself, consciously connecting with Source and allowing conscious spiritual growth. It means flowing with life, love and joy.

For so many of us on our spiritual path consciously or not, when we are unhappy in our bodies, that impedes our ability to be happy all around. And it is really the joy of  life that is the most spiritual thing we can achieve. That harmony with Source and self while incarnating in these physical bodies.

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Are you letting labels to limit you?

I work with empaths. And I am fervently working to shift the energy behind this word, this label. By doing so I am shifting the understanding of what this word/label means to people. I am working to create an energy and understanding of expansion and limitless when it comes to knowing what an empath is.

This is one of many labels that I have worn in my life. Psychic, medium, blonde girl, smart, aggressive, kind, intuitive, strange, the list goes on. I’m sure the labels you have aligned with are rolling through your head right now. Are labels end up being closely tied to our beliefs about ourselves. And vice versa. Like everything, it served a purpose at a time. For most of us the labels we use in reference to our energy and intuition, allow us to feel comfortable in our skin, they allow us to find people having a similar experience. This is wonderful, because only from this point can we start to gain confidence, so that we can raise our consciousness and step into the fullness of who we are as a Source connected being.

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Reality is in the eye of the perceiver

WE have all heard the phrase “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. And this is so true. We each have our own experience and our own ideas of what we see as beautiful.

I’d like to take that a step further. “Reality is in the eye of the perceiver.”

We are pure consciousness. No matter which way you dice it, we are. This means that our experience of everything is through the lens of our own personal consciousness. Our experience is ours and only ours. No one can ever walk in our shoes and we can’t walk in anyone else’s. Knowing this, really knowing it in your being, is so freeing.

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The power of your empathy

If you are an empath, you are well aware of your ability, to not just often feel the emotions of others, but you may also see, hear and know things associated with those emotions and feelings. And unless you were fortunate enough to come to this earth with a guidebook on how to work with those amazing gifts, you have probably been fumbling along, learning through trial and error. Because you have been learning from others who also learned from trial and error and so on and so on  You have been probably been made aware of more of the short comings of being an empath and not so much of the power of being an empath. And if you are lucky enough to have recognized or been taught the power, it still has probably come attached with a reminder of the short comings.

Well I am here to tell you, you no longer have to hang on to those short comings and negative side effect as a way to navigate your empathic journey. Our journey, our gifts, are about our connection to Source and all that happens as a domino effect of that. When we start, as we have been taught, from a place of needing to be protected, of not being able to control the people/energy around us and all the other stuff that puts the power outside of ourselves, we are setting ourselves up for failure.

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Your truth is your truth

Your truth is your truth, and someone else’s is theirs. There is no absolute right or wrong. But we often can’t see this because we get stuck in one point in time, one version of reality. We are pure Source energy and every moment is new and different. Always expanding always changing. When we connect with our innate Source energy, we allow ourselves to shift and expand our consciousness, giving us a broader perspective.
What is Source? It is pure energy. That from which we come, all that is. It is ever expanding and never ending. It is pure consciousness. WE as humans are this consciousness focused in a place and time. That is why being aware of our consciousness and expanding it is so important. It allows us to connect with ourselves as pure Source energy and let go of the illusion that we are this one point in time. When we go within, we become aware of the infinite possibilities of what we are and let go of who we think we are. This can sound scary at first, but the truth is it frees you up to be the best version of you possible. It allows you the pure freedom of knowing.
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