Why choose conscious spiritual evolution?

We are all on a spiritual journey. You are having a spiritual experience whether you realize it or not. Most people realize to some degree that they are having spiritual experiences, but many are at a loss as to why and what to do with these blips on their radar. 

So often, in an effort to understand or learn more, people get lost on their journey. Information is endless. There are as many explanations for things as their are people on this planet. And just as many truths. It’s easy to see why people who want to learn to navigate their spiritual experience, get confused and frustrated. 

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The Truth About Maintaining Your Positive Energy in Uncomfortable Situations

If you know me, well you know I believe 100% we are the creators of our reality. And if you don’t know me, well now you know what I believe. 

So many people (I used to be one of those people) ask me how they can make a crappy situation better. They say to me “Liza, if I can’t control other people, how can I make the situation better?” or “Liza, I get that it’s them, but I still don’t feel good about it and I have to be there! So what can I do?” 

It’s simple really. But you have to shift your perspective on things before you can be aware of the solution. 

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Has your fear of accurately receiving higher guidance been showing up in your body?

I remember as a child, I knew way more than I should. People thought I was just a quiet child, but I had learned early on, from the energetic reactions of adults, that I shouldn’t share what I knew. I literally stood behind my mother, using her as a physical shield between me and their energy. This was one of the few ways I knew how to stop receiving what they were sending out, the other big one I used was to leave my body.

As I got older, the information only got more intense, as I now was able to intellectually analyze it and my role in this whole exchange, I started to question the validity of what I was receiving or why I should or would know that. I also still didn’t have any tools, and I couldn’t stand behind my mom anymore. I started experiencing headaches. And although I rarely experienced a cold or was sick, I did have the beginnings of an autoimmune issue.

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Are you holding back the guidance you’ve received out of fear of disappointing people?

We are all born still connected to our higher guidance. And most of us choose to forget this connection so we can get the full experience out of life, even thought it is always there with us.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Many of us are stuck in limbo, not knowing how to merge the two and live in a place of wholeness. This is what we refer to as our spiritual journey, awakening, ascension. We have become aware of our spiritual selves, but don’t know just what to do with that awareness.
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How doubting your guidance can have a negative impact on your life?

We’ve all been there. You get that feeling in your stomach, that knowing, the ringing in your ear. Whatever way spirit taps you to let you know, “Hey pay attention!”, we’ve all been there, we’ve all doubted it.

In the moment, it doesn’t always seem like that big of a deal. Yes, you knew what you should’ve done and for whatever reason, you talked yourself out of believing that you were receiving. And you did the forehead slap later on and said to yourself “I knew that! Why didn’t I listen?!”
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Is fear holding you back?

All too often we let the fear of who we may become or the fear of how others might react or feel about who we become to hold us back. We allow it to hold us back in our physical and spiritual journeys.

I just spoke to a woman today who was taking dance classes and was afraid to really go for it and fully express herself, because she was afraid that the others who might not be as good would feel inadequate. This is a common experience for empaths. How often have you done something similar?
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How your empathy can help you love your career again

So often career oriented empaths, who find value in succeeding in their chosen field, hit the wall at work. You wake up one day and realize, your performance record has declined, you haven’t had an amazing review in years, you have to triple check your work and even worse, you are always passed over for promotions. No wonder you feel resentful and like you can’t keep up at work. And no matter what your career choice, it usually looks something like this.

You finish college, which was most likely easier for you, you get into the company of your choice, and you start excelling. Almost immediately moving through the ranks with ease. You recognize that life, although it has it’s bumps, seems to unfold fairly easy for you. And you have a feeling, more than a feeling a knowing, that it is connected to your sixth sense, your gut feeling, those little flurries of feelings that has always guided you through life. You may not recognize it as your empathy yet, but you know that your gut instinct has always led you in the right direction, and when you are in tune with it, man do things happen. Continue reading “How your empathy can help you love your career again”

Are you happy with your weight?

I know what you are thinking. That doesn’t sound like a very spiritual topic. But it is. How so? Well, to me spirituality means being happy and at peace with yourself, consciously connecting with Source and allowing conscious spiritual growth. It means flowing with life, love and joy.

For so many of us on our spiritual path consciously or not, when we are unhappy in our bodies, that impedes our ability to be happy all around. And it is really the joy of  life that is the most spiritual thing we can achieve. That harmony with Source and self while incarnating in these physical bodies.

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Are you letting labels to limit you?

I work with empaths. And I am fervently working to shift the energy behind this word, this label. By doing so I am shifting the understanding of what this word/label means to people. I am working to create an energy and understanding of expansion and limitless when it comes to knowing what an empath is.

This is one of many labels that I have worn in my life. Psychic, medium, blonde girl, smart, aggressive, kind, intuitive, strange, the list goes on. I’m sure the labels you have aligned with are rolling through your head right now. Are labels end up being closely tied to our beliefs about ourselves. And vice versa. Like everything, it served a purpose at a time. For most of us the labels we use in reference to our energy and intuition, allow us to feel comfortable in our skin, they allow us to find people having a similar experience. This is wonderful, because only from this point can we start to gain confidence, so that we can raise our consciousness and step into the fullness of who we are as a Source connected being.

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