Empathy + Emotions = Understanding

Emotions are energy in motion.
Feelings are how we translate this energy.
Empathy literally means in feeling.
So wouldn’t it make sense that our empathy is our internal way to understand our own emotions and feelings within oursleves?
This is our way to understand how we are relating to the world and those in it. Not how other people are relating.
It is our choice what we choose to feel within ourselves. Our emotions guide us toward what makes us feel good and what doesn’t.
Your empathy is for you. It is to guide you. It is not to take on other peoples emotions or experiences. For too long we have been led to believe that our empathy is for understanding and helping others. It can be used for this, but not until we understand and help ourselves. And too many empaths have not allowed themselves to do this important part.
The key to living as a healthy and empowered empath is to understand this. You can use your empathy to emotionally touch on someone and give you an idea of where they are. You can use your empathy to let yourself know if this is a person you want to engage with or not. There are many ways to utilize your empathy that do not involve you taking on everyone’s emotions. But you must have energetic boundaries and a desire to put yourself first. We do this through marinating in our own energy. Through mastering our own energy.
I can hear you now, because I used to think the same thing… but what am I supposed to do? They are suffering and I feel it so strongly? I want to help them. You can have compassion for others and help them much better then if you take on the emotional burdens of their situation. We do not have to witness peoples experiences for them to exist and in the same vein their experience isn’t lessened because we take on part of their suffering or we didn’t witness it with them. Taking on others emotions does not serve us and it does not serve them. If you really believe you alone can releive someone’s situation by taking their emotions away, you have put a huge weight on your shoulders you will never be able to carry. You are also not seeing that person as someone who also has powerful Source energy coursing through them, you are seeing them less than, as unable to take care of themselves. You are seeing them as powerless. And that doesn’t lift anyone up.
And what about putting ourselves first? Isn’t that selfish? Is it selfish to sustain your own life? No. You came here to thrive not just survive. You are able to help more people and be more productive and most importantly be more happy when you allow yourself to thrive. We must understand that when we put ourselves first we are not taking away from anyone else. We need to release this judgment of give and take. If we give ourselves something we are not taking away from anyone else. When you give your body breath are you depriving someone else? No. And you realize how silly that sounds. The abundance of Source energy is all around us. And we see it first in the air we breath. We see it secondly in nature. Nature does not judge it just thrives. When one tree falls down and goes back into the earth 5 more grow in its place thanks to the nourishment it’s provided by going back into the earth. For too long we have been trained to look at what we don’t have and not the abundance that surrounds us. We assume if someone is not living to our standards that they must be suffering. I personal have experienced many joyous people who have just enough food to sustain their life but find great joy in their daily existence.
Many of us have unintentionally combined our empathy with our judgments of how things should be. What do I mean by this? We connect in with an emotion and then translate that into our idea of what their experience must be. We feel that someone is sad and then we switch over to our logical mind and create our version of their situation. Usually this is much worse, because we have chosen to see them as powerless. And we have decided they have no control over how they live their life. And now we have taken this in as our own. We have tapped into but one of their many emotions. This is why other peoples emotions are not our business. We are only getting a glimpse of their experience and only from our own perspective. Even as empaths we can never truly walk in another’s shoes. For we can only ever have one experience, our own. This is why I know 100% our empathy is for us to connect deeper to our own emotions and to connect with the high vibrations of joy and Love that constantly surround us. I promise you, there is much more joy and Love on the planet than there isn’t. We just have to learn to tune ourselves to it. And we do this, by mastering our energy and marinating in it.
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What is the ego’s role?

We so often think of the ego as a bad thing. And we spend a lot of time deciding what level of ego is ok. The truth is it’s all ok. It’s only our sense of self that makes us think someones ego is too big or too small.

Let me elaborate. The ego is simply another tool we have to translate energy. The ego is simply our sense of self, our sense of identity, our sense of self-esteem, self-importance. That last one, self-importance, usually hits a cord. But you are important, why shouldn’t you think so?  We often confuse ego-mania with the ego. We use these two words interchangeably, and therefore the ego has gotten a bad rap. Like anything balance is needed.

When we think of ego, we often think of someone who uses others to fuel their own sense of self. This isn’t ego, this is an imbalanced person who is grasping for a way to make themselves feel better, because they don’t see how truly amazing they are. When I say ego, I’m talking about our straight up ego, the tool we use to identify ourselves from others. Our tool to have personal experiences.

Yes we are all one, we are all Source energy. Our ego is how we manifest that Source energy into our personal experience. The MVP always gives me this example. Source energy is a giant lake, and as the water separates (vibration becoming more dense) we have the different levels of incarnations that we think of. (See infograph.) We perceive ourselves as separate, but in reality we are still the same energy (it’s all Source), just in a different form (density) and location. Nothing about our true nature has changed, just how we are perceiving it, just how we are manifesting it. And that’s why we incarnated.


We incarnated into physical to have personal experiences. So when we talk of the ego as if it’s a bad thing, we are dishonoring our whole reason for being here, being incarnated. When we see someone as thinking to highly of themselves, it is really a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Just because they think they are great, doesn’t mean they think we aren’t. But that is how most of us translate this. We are all important, we are all amazing. We should all be shouting from rooftops how great we are. But we don’t. And for most of us we can’t. We are hung up on that perception of ego. We are hung up on what will people think of me if I acknowledge how much I love myself. The truth is, if they are anything other than excited for you, then they have their own issues. All too often we let other peoples issues stand in the way of our journey. We don’t want to make them feel less than, we don’t want to hurt their feelings, the list goes on. It is easy to use other peoples issues to hold us back. But what we are really doing is limiting ourselves and limiting everyone around us. Only we have the power to decide what affects us and the same is true for everyone else. Here’s the huge contradiction. We don’t want to talk about how wonderful we are, but for some reason we believe that we wield the power to control everyone else’s personal experience. We don’t. If we are nasty to someone, we may be a jerk, but how they receive that is 100% up to them.

Let’s try this shift in perception. We are all amazing. We should be telling everyone how great we are and how great they are. What does that look like? I love to spend time with myself, I’m worth _______, I’m really good at __________, I’m proud of __________. When we start to let go of the belief that we shouldn’t praise ourselves or receive praise, it frees us up to be in the moment and just experience. After all that’s what we came here to do. Experience in the moment and use that experience to move onto the next moment. Not have an experience and then live from that single point for the rest of our lives.

It is not the ego we need to let go off, but all the experiences the ego is holding onto, all the limiting beliefs, all the crap. The ego is just the tool we use to have the experience, but it gets all the blame. Just like you don’t blame the hammer for how it hit the nail, don’t blame the ego for the experiences. Start using your ego for what it was meant for, to honor and experience yourself in this special, only time it will ever happen, version of you.

I love you and you are amazing! And guess what? I am too!

Allowing the Energy Shifts to Flow Through You

There are more and more energy shifts happening. They are coming more frequently and more intensely. As a response to this topic coming up , in the form of people having physical and emotional reactions and not understanding, Source has given me this.

As we start to raise our frequency and align with a higher vibration we start to connect with the non-physical more and that is when we start to have our multi-senses open up. This is what we refer to as our “gifts”. They are not gifts, they are who we are. We all have second sight, second hearing and more evolved senses of feeling. We just all have it turned to different levels. We do not use the term gifts because this is who you are, it is your true nature to be able to tap into all that is, because you are all that is.

When we start to open to our multi-senses, and align with a higher vibration it can create a feeling of uneasiness and fear in us. As we do not recognize what is happening and we do not have a point of reference. This is totally normal and natural. Feel free to experience and release all the emotions you are having. A physical release of emotions is a clearing out of space. Releasing the emotions will help ease the physical symptoms you are having.

We may also feel uncomfortable in our human bodies as they are changing and shifting to correspond with our new lighter spiritually aligned sense of self. Yes, our bodies are reconstructing themselves. Bit by bit. Shift by shift. This is why drinking lots of water is important, it helps aid the transition. Also eat foods that you feel aligned with, not what you think you should eat because someone else said so. You know what your body needs to assist it. Listen to your inner self. Listen to yourself.

What we consider our gifts is really just our awareness opening up. It is really us becoming aware of the nature of reality and how it is shifting right in front of our eyes. As we evolve, we leave behind old versions of reality and step into new ones. We step into new, upgraded, higher vibrating versions of ourselves. This has always been true. But it is on a grander scale now.

Once you become aware it is hard to become unaware. Honor your new vantage point. Honor you alignment back into yourself. Release your judgement of yourself, others and your perceived judgement of others onto you.

Take time to rest, release emotions and what no longer serves you. And hydrate! Water helps ease the transition. And enjoy your new state of being. For with it comes clarity and abundance.

Why Empaths? Why Source Energy?

Why Empaths? Why Source Energy?

Source Energy is that from which we come. It is the highest vibration of love frequency. It is that which is the source of who we are. It is the ultimate non-physical essence of being.

Our human minds cannot comprehend Source. There are no words that can describe this abundance that is our true nature. The only way for humans to understand Source Energy is to have a personal experience. We have small glimpses of connection to Source Energy when we connect with our own feelings/emotions of joy, bliss and love. When we connect with others through these same emotions we are now having a soul to soul connection. A first step on the path to Source connection.

Empaths are those who chose to incarnate into human form with their multi-senses still wide open to connect with all incarnations of Source energy. WE as empaths are innately hardwired to be in the flow of Source.

Then why do we feel so depleted and dragged down by other people’s emotions?

Aha! That is the missing key, that we as empaths have not recognized.

My understanding of empaths is different from what you may have read or heard or even known to be your own experience up to this point. As I said above, empaths are hardwired to be connected with and in the flow of Source energy. Every being is Source energy incarnate. Every being has chosen to forget this for the most part when they incarnate to have full, rich experiences of what ever they chose. Every being, as part of this forgetting has turned the volume down on their senses. Empaths also have forgotten their Source connection, but still have their volume turned up at full blast.

This leaves empaths living fully in a physical, human mindset with the energetic experience of non-physical. Meaning we are living in a world where everyone is at a 2 volume and our experience is a 12 volume. We do not have the words or ability to describe or understand what it is happening until we remember our Source connection.

WE do this through cultivating a connection to our soul. Our soul is our connection to Source that is housed within our physical body. WE make this connection by living authentically in alignment with ourselves, with our joy. This is also how WE get out of the habit of connecting to the heavier, denser lower frequencies of sadness, pain, guilt, lack, fear, etc. In an effort to turn our volume down (from a high vibe to a lower one) WE have trained ourselves to connect with these emotions from our limited human perspective. That is why empaths feel compelled to help everyone. WE have connected in with the lowest, density frequency of mass consciousness and made it our own. But WE can change our perspective, shift our frequency and connect with the higher frequency mass consciousness of love.

If you are an empath, it is vital to your health, happiness and existence that you start to shift your perception, your understanding of reality. If you are reading this, you have already started that shifting process. You have already become aware. You are probably having some discomfort as your physical and soul are shifting into alignment with one another.

Even if you are not an empath, you may be experiencing this shift.

You have started on the path of integration between the physical and non-physical. What does this mean for you? It means that you will start to consciously live your life as a non-physical being having a physical experience. It means that all you experience will be richer and fuller. It means that you will start living in the flow of Source. Your understanding of things will be much broader. Yes, you will still cry, laugh, get mad, be hurt, experience joy and everything in between; but you will have a deeper understanding and expression of the experience.

From your new Source connected vantage point, your physical experience will be so much more. You will truly live as the incarnation of Source that you are, here to have experiences, to use your human body as a vehicle for all the emotions, but you will no longer get stuck in or attached to the emotions, you will move through them like water in a stream.

Welcome to the flow of Source energy. Come on in, it feels wonderful!!

What are you choosing?

What are you choosing in each moment?

Every moment, every breath, WE have a choice.

Having a choice does not mean YOU get to control what others are doing? It does mean YOU get to choose how you are acting and reacting. The ability to control all the variables in our story is an illusion. WE can only control our own actions. WE can always co-create with others, but never control.

WE often forget that WE are in control. Often blaming others for what is happening to us. From someone cutting us of in traffic, causing us to have a bad day to someone rejecting us and causing us to shut down our hearts. Yes, YOU can experience a reaction in both of this situations. But YOU choose how long and how severe YOU will react. Events happen that are out of our control, but how WE choose to react is all on US. YOU have all the power to live the life you want. If YOU have closed your heart off because someone deceived you are hurt you, that is YOUR choice.

People often ask me how to get over something that was traumatic to them, I always answer YOU CHOOSE TO. WE are here to experience our emotions. They are our strongest indicator of where we are headed. And most emotions are just that, an experience, to be short lived. Our true home is love, we visit pain and suffering. And hopefully one day, we realize, pain and suffering doesn’t serve us and we visit it less and become homebodies in the emotion of love.

There is only LOVE and fear. Where are YOUR choices based from? YOU can always back track YOUR action/reaction to see. Getting mad at the driver who cut you off, that is fear based. Closing your heart because of a love gone wrong, also fear based. Use your fears to guide YOU, not hold YOU back.

I will also add, staying in the grief of a loved one that has passed is also fear. When you connect with love, you miss them in the physical, but you release that grief (Guilt, Remorse, Illusion, Equals Fear) and start to embrace the non-physical energy of love that is still around you. I understand this is hard for some to believe when they first experience a loss, but it is true. You will come to it in time as you start living from a place of choice.

Are you choosing to let life happen to you or are you choosing to participate and co-create?

With that I leave YOU in LOVE. I look forward to seeing the life YOU create from YOUR new vantage point of choice.

Feel like something is missing?

Do you ever feel like something is missing? Like no matter what you’ve done, accomplished, released, read, embraced, manifested, that something is just missing. It’s that little feeling inside that keeps you looking for more. That keeps you feeling incomplete. It’s like you just can’t put your finger on it.

I have been there. It eluded me for years. I knew there was something more, something that I was just missing. It was right there, though, on the tip of my tongue, but I just couldn’t get to it. Through all the different stages of my life, I tried different things. I have always, consistently been an avid reader. I was always thinking to myself, it’s going to be in this book. And, yes, I’d be a step closer, but I still didn’t have it, know it, recognize it. I took so many development classes (spiritual, psychic & self) to no avail. Yes I was always closer, but still didn’t have it.

Then one day I sat down for meditation. This wasn’t a regular meditation. I sat down to specifically have a dialogue with my guides. And I have to say, I would have never made it that far without all the knowledge I gained from all the amazing teachers I had, in books and in person.

So here I am, sitting quietly, connecting with my guides, building my relationship with them, loving the moment. And BOOM! there it was! The missing piece. What? Really? It can’t be. But it is.

Ok, let me rewind. I had been taught to sit and build my communication with my guides, not only to enhance my intuition but also my communication skills in mediumship. During this time, I learned to converse with them and started asking all kinds of questions. Through this process, I started connecting with my higher self. As I was connecting with my higher self and communicating with my guides, in the meditation I was telling you about, they had me connect with a specific situation that brought me pure joy. That alone was beautiful and amazing in and of itself. But then….. they had me become that feeling and following it back to it’s source, which was Source. That was my first conscious connection to Pure Source Energy. WOW!!!! I just wanted to stay there. I had heard other people talk about this before, in some pretty amazing and descriptive ways. But to have my own personal experience was something different all together.

This was such a wonderful feeling, a beautiful experience. And at that moment I realized not only what was missing, but that I’d been searching for it outside of myself, when all along it was within me.

What was missing? My connection was missing. My connection to my true self, my true essence, that divine spark of Source energy within me. I was looking for my light outside of myself. I just needed to be immersed in it for a moment though to recognize it and to trust that it was within me. It is within all of us. We see it everyday in other people and turn a blind eye to our own divine essence. Why? For most of us we don’t believe that we deserve it, that we are worthy. But WE are! WE are all from the same divine, loving, joyful Source energy. What is within you is within me and vice versa.

So if you are like I once was, and you have been searching for that something that is missing, that you just can’t put your finger on, look no further. It is within you, it is within all of us. It is our connection to Source, to our true state of being.

I invite you to complement your external journey with an internal journey. WE are all spiritual beings having a physical experience. And it is our greatest gift to understand how to integrate the two. How to enjoy all the amazingness that the physical offers (that’s why we came here) while staying connected to our Soul, our true essence, the Source within.

It was only when I truly understood this, that I was able to begin to step into the spiritual teacher I am today. Every book I read, every teacher I had, was a mirror of myself, reflecting back to me, the Source within. But I didn’t trust what I was seeing in the mirror to be true for me, until I had my own experience. Now I see my light, and I choose to shine it as bright as I can, so that others may see theirs.

We all come into our own reflection in our own time. I’m waiting to welcome you home, back into your natural state of being, into your Source connection.

You too can balance your energy


Chakras as a Tool for Energy Awareness

Chakras are our psychic energy centers. They are how we send and receive energetic information. And when we are aware of and understand them, they can completely change how we relate to the world as energy sensitive beings.

First we must understand that we are all energy. And energy is information. Energy vibrates at different frequencies and depending on the frequency, the information is different. Peace and love vibrate at the highest frequencies, while guilt and shame are at the lowest.

Take a moment to experience this. Feel peace and love in your whole being. Really feel it in every part of your mind, body and soul. This is what you are giving out to others, this is the information you are sending out via your energy. Whether or not others are aware of it, they are receiving this from you. This is how the concept of a guru works. Think about a time when you were in this frequency and people basked in your energy or when you were basking in someone else’s energy who was vibrating here. This is why we gravitate to animals and children, they are vibrating here.

Now conversely, think about guilt and shame, and a time when you felt these. Again, feel it in your whole being. (Yucky I know.) And again, think of a time when you could feel this in another. And when you have felt this in another. Think of how you’ve tried to avoid people in this frequency, or worse yet, if you are an empath, you probably stepped up and tried to take it all from them. Hopefully realizing, this energy is never ending unti the vibe has shifted. And think about how this energy was seeping into others energy fields, because we are often so unaware of our own energy and others. Explains a lot, huh?

The chakras are intentions that help us focus. They are specific points where energy is more active, going into and out of our physical and spiritual bodies. (Focal points) They are associated with a specific meaning, color, crystal, sound, etc. that helps us set an intention or clarify an intention for us.

Let me explain using the Root Chakra as an example.

The Root Chakra is associated with the color red and is located at the base of our spine in our genital area. This gives us two points of focus, color and location. We can connect easily through the color and start to feel the energy in the location. Already this broadens our experience of the energy, both physically and etherically. Next we associate this chakra with the mantra of I am. I am relates to our ability to feel safe in our physical body and in this world, this sets our intention for what we experience, what we want to create and what energy vibration we want to put out. A person who feels safe an secure in the world, not only puts out a higher vibration, but also is prepared to start the journey of ascension. Moving through their physical experience and into their spiritual being, integrating the two and living fully on earth. A person who does not feel safe and secure in the world, sends that vibration out, creating more of what they don’t want, limiting their experience of this life and hampering their soul. No bueno.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Understanding and using our chakras allows us to honor both of these aspects of ourselves. Our chakras provide us with a consistent point of interaction with what we are creating and putting out in the world. And the best part is you can go up and down. It is never stationary. The chakras honor the flow of life force energy that surges through us. As each new experience comes we have a chakra, an energy point, to connect with and work with. For every experience, good or bad, is why we are here. They provide us with the opportunity to fine tune our being and reconnect with our innate Source energy. We come from perfection. We come to earth to experience everything else. Experience, not get trapped in. This is why we are constantly reminded of our innate divinity, to nudge us along into the experience.