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Over the years I have striven to hone my skills as a psychic, medium, channel, teacher and healer. While doing this I had been asking for a way to empower my clients, so that they may step into their own power, their own reality, their own sense of connection for themselves. They gave me Soul Connections. I am excited and grateful to share this with you and be a part of your journey.
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Allow yourself to become empowered on a soul level.

Together we will connect soul to soul to receive the most personalized guidance for your earthly journey. This will be specific to each client and will include any modalities that are needed to release limiting beliefs, raise vibrations, connect you to your Soul and Source.

In this series of 3 sessions you will:

  • Gain clarity on how to expand your consciousness to have a better understanding and clearer awareness of what lies within you as well as outside of you.
  • Benefit from a feeling of empowerment through this new connection that gives you self-trust to direct your own journey.
  • Have a better understanding of your personal reality, what your role is in it and how to create the best reality for yourself
  • Move forward in life with a better understanding of how to merge your new connection and expanded consciousness with your earthly experience.

To experience my new signature service, Soul Connections, please contact me via phone or email.



I channel a group of non-physical beings I affectionately call The MVP ( The Multi-Verse Posse). I have been working with this group for a several years and have been guided to offer channeled messages for groups or individuals.

What is a channeled message? During this session, Liza’s consciousness will leave her body and The MVP will take over. They will speak through her, using her voice, with a slight twist. They will give you loving guidance from their higher perspective for your souls benefit. You are free to ask questions as well. This is not like a typical psychic reading, where you might be told your future path. All of the information given in these sessions, is guidance to empower you to see your true divinity and make your own choices from the place that feels best to you.

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Please email for more information on booking a group session.

Mediumship Readings

I will no longer be offering mediumship readings. I have decided to focus on channeling and Soul Connections. Please contact me via email for a recommendation.