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Soul Connections is an amazing healing experience that gives you your life back. It is the culmination of several modalities brought together in a way that serves your highest good and promotes the most dramatic energy shifts, allowing you to move forward as the best version of yourself.
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Allow yourself to become empowered on a soul level.

Together we will connect soul to soul to receive the most personalized guidance for your earthly journey. This will be specific to each client and will include any modalities that are needed to release limiting beliefs, raise vibrations, connect you to your Soul and Source. WE will literally go in and shift the energy, together, so you play an integral part in your souls ascension.

In this series of 3 sessions you will:

  • Gain clarity on how to expand your consciousness to have a better understanding and clearer awareness of what lies within you as well as outside of you.
  • Benefit from a feeling of empowerment through this new connection that gives you self-trust to direct your own journey.
  • Have a better understanding of your personal reality, what your role is in it and how to create the best reality for yourself
  • Move forward in life with a better understanding of how to merge your new connection and expanded consciousness with your earthly experience.

To experience my new signature service, Soul Connections, please contact me via phone or email.



In this intuitive healing session, I will use several modalities including energy work, chakras, channeling (the MVP) and more to assist you in healing on an energetic level. This will allow you to shift your energy & release limiting beliefs, allowing you to move forward and create a new physical experience. This session is done via Zoom video chat. Each session is about 60 minutes.

Who are the MVP? A group of non-physical beings I affectionately call The MVP ( The Multi-Verse Posse). They also like this acronym as it reminds you that you are the Most Valuable Player.  I have been working with this group for a many years and have been guided to offer the channeled messages in this way, as their are some who need to connect on this level.

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This is a quick 20 minute sessions. It is good when you just need a quick energy pick me up, clarification on one specific thing or if you haven’t had a session and want an experience before you decide its right for you.

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Are you interested in expanding your abilities & understanding your soul’s purpose? Would you like to be able to merge these gifts into your every day experience, enhancing your life and those you come in contact with? Then send me an email, we can talk about getting you into my 9 week online course, Source Connected Empaths, where you will receive personalized and group coaching to take you to the next level, the Source connected level.